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  SSPR  Paranormal Investigators - to investigate alleged paranormal places, sites and recording data (video, photos, audio, temperatures), notes, interviews and other evidence to prove/disprove claims of paranormal phenomena, using method of intellectual caution and suspended judgment.

Investigation Protocol



Active SSPR Members


Pathetic        -Site Admin - Founder - Investigations

Jane              - Operations Officer - Researcher

Wally           - Case Mgr. -Debunking Specialist

Samantha     - Investigations -Researcher

Babette        - Investigations -Researcher -Writer

Chris            - Investigations   -Writer

Buddha        - Investigations -  Researcher

Brad            - Investigations - Audio / Visual





 We do not claim to be experts in the paranormal, as no experts exist when it comes to the supernatural, no matter what anyone may claim or who may claim to be one. We are instead working to present an image of competent researchers who are collecting the most authentic evidence possible of any afterlife. 





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