Investigation Protocol  


In any investigation, I always try to follow strict guidelines and protocols to ensure that the findings are of the highest quality. At all times accuracy has to be the first priority. 

Mistakes do occasionally happen during experiments and investigations. So to cut back on the chance for error, there must be a set protocol for procedures and conduct. This helps to maintain the integrity of any findings and decrease the percentage of error. 

Also note -  We use a variety digital as well as non-digital equipment. Although some have argued that one is better than the other, I personally believe they are equally useful.  

For most investigations, I try to break it down into four simple steps.

  1. 1) I start with the interview process. This helps to establish if an actual investigation is warranted.


  3. 2)If the witnesses are credible, or there is enough historical evidence to back it up, the second step is the investigation itself.


  5. 3)Immediately following the investigation, it is important to process the data collected. For me, one of the first things I do is sit down and type out my findings from my notes and put together a timeline for the investigation. Little things are easily forgotten if they are not put down immediately on paper.


  7. 4)The final step is to present the investigation findings and discuss with other group members.



I never go alone to any investigation. There are several reasons for this, but first and foremost is that there is no better evidence for any occurrence than having credible witnesses with you.

Personally, I feel it is important for the investigators to follow these simple rules:

ALWAYS ask permission to investigate any area and never under any circumstances trespass

Maintain professional attitude

Follow Standard Procedures

Carry proper ID

Be respectful of other paranormal investigative groups as much as possible

Be drug free - This includes cough suppressants, antihistamines and prescription drugs that cause side effects as this may affect judgment and ability to function properly

Prohibit smoking tobacco products during or around an investigation. I have seen several photos where smoke was mistaken for paranormal anomalies

Do not drink alcoholic beverages before or during an investigation

Always check batteries prior to investigations and carry plenty of spares as some paranormal activity drains batteries quickly

To avoid false readings make certain equipment is in proper working order and that everyone involved knows how to properly use all equipment

Scan area for EMF leakage with EMF meter prior and during the investigative process

Refrain from taking photographs outside during bad weather - this means  during rain, any type of storms, mist, fog, snow, wind (excess 35MPH), and/or dust

Insure that all dust, spots, and fingerprints are removed from camera lens before and during investigations 

Refrain from taking pictures directly into any light source or reflective surface as this causes lens flare

Always use fresh audio tapes for EVP recordings and fresh video tapes for any video recordings. Digital recorders clear/clean/remove old memory , before starting a new recording.

Always check your film negatives for confirmation of objects in pictures. Use a magnifying glass and go over any film with potential anomalies in it

Many opponents of paranormal investigation claim that simple camera malfunctions may cause pictures to develop distortedly. While this very well could happen, some pictures are taken under perfect conditions and still show evidence of the paranormal.

Do not jump to conclusions, however. Always be sure a picture was taken under the correct conditions before assuming it is evidence of paranormal activity. Always take several pictures to be sure.




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