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A recently published book makes the ludicrous claim that the escapologist
Houdini was Murdered by Spiritualists because he was exposing their tricks and fakery. Houdini who died on Halloween day in 1926 aged 52, allegedly from a students punch in the stomach leading to a ruptured appendix. The second allegation is that while Houdini was in Hospital, a mysterious doctor came in and poisoned him, but no more information is given on this point. The book called ;"The secret life of Houdini" appears to be clutching at straws with several at best very tenuous theories that the famous escapologist was also a spy, and that he was poisoned  because he was about to expose a spiritualist pedophile ring.! While admitting that Houdini was part of the Sannyannin or Jewish underground connected to Winston Churchill and lord Rothschild  particularly W .W.II Houdini had a deep hatred of Germany, his role appears from other previous sources to be that of just passing on information. Houdini like the other exposures of spiritualist fakery, Harry Price and the Amazing James Randi.
When their career was in decline, took to gaining publicity by exposing the fake and genuine alike, the only difference being that conjuror Randi is privately paid and funded. No mention is made of the medium Arthur Ford who was said by the Houdini family to have given the proof of survival necessary to the family. The book goes on to say that the body will be exhumed for testing on poisons, but the Pathologist is one of the group, and is not independent of the wild claims. The family of Houdini's widow Bess, says that the book is just a publicity stunt and do not want him exhumed, and yet until we ourselves monitor and weed out the fakes books such as this will continue to re-occur, defaming and ridiculing the good work done by psychics and spiritualists. Until recently I was involved in training mediums for platform work, and we have all witnessed those who do a couple of weeks then leave and advertise for spiritual healing/readings work etc, so many we see on the platform are obviously still unready or untalented, and it seems a latter day rule that endorsement by the Psychic News is a guarantee of later exposure of fakery. So this book gets a big thumbs down, and has no place on our bookshelves, but in the bin
- T stokes




It was just weeks after the most traumatic spirit venture that ever involved me, and it was only two blocks away, this closeness in both time and place, frightened and unnerved me, and it was with a degree of trepidation that I went to the address in East London, England. The loneliness of the long distance exorcist is tangible and at times almost overpowering. When a "call out" occurs you have to be ready, psychologically, spiritually and even physically, for anything that may happen. Demonic attacks in the physical are rare, but mental and spiritual attacks are quite common, emotional assaults very common indeed, and in some fear I heard that A hysterical lady had shouted down the phone that there were "Werewolves howling inside the house" And that was all that I had to go on, so accompanied by the fear in my belly and a large heavy hold all bag for all eventualities,  I stopped outside and had a good look at the house, and examining all my impressions, took a deep breath to quieting the loud inner voices of anxiety and knocked on the door. Before any internal assessment occurs it is always good to look at the outsides of the building as much knowledge can be gained from what the intelligence services call, "the eyes of the house" That is the windows and doors, even a gutter leak down the buildings side can mean the internal damp and warmth are attractive to certain animals of the lower spirit realm. Most spiritualist churches have a member who can deal with "difficult cases" , and this lot had fallen to me, this can be a controversial aspect of our work, and there is much disagreement on it even among spiritual experts. This call out was not one I relished, the only information I had been given was that the elderly occupant was tormented by what she referred to as "The hounds of hell" with frenzied barking and howling from inside her home at
night, and I was quite apprehensive.
   However, a very elderly lady invited me inside and chatted away while making me a cup of tea, and, of all things talked about her grandsons school work. I really felt most comfortable, this is not usual in haunting cases and each time I tried to turn the subject to the scary sounds of the howling dogs she complained of arriving  in her room at night , she would tell me of someone in her family always ending with the fact that she had seen no one, not family or friend for months on end. Feeling a sense of frustration over the lack of information I decided to take some of the exorcists equipment from my hold all bag. Asking again about the howling dogs and the fact she had called me out to deal with this, a vision of Conan Doyles masterpiece, "The hound of the Baskervilles"  flicked through my mind , the prospect of what the night had to offer chilled me somewhat, and her face took on a most serious look and at last after two hours of listening to her gall bladder operation, her daughters marriage, the wicked man next door who spied on her, and her grandsons schoolwork, and that she never  had  visitors, She at last offered to show me the room of the "night dogs"This was the room where the dogs howled intermittently at night, but nothing was ever seen. I felt my stomach muscles tighten and followed her to the kitchen, where she whispered me to remain silent.It was only when she turned on the kitchen tap that I could hear these hounds from hell, it was a low barking sound emitting from the water pipes !maybe it was relief, but I had to burst out laughing, and she joined in . So it was another cup of tea and some laughter,  on reflection, I am convinced that she had me out on purpose just for someone  to talk to.These hounds from hell was no more than noisy water pipes. So much for my frightening ventures  into the local hematological landscape. I was teased for months at my spiritual centre! It was said my service would be better employed by the R.S.P.C.A with calming errant hounds. If only they all ended like that
.! -T.Stokes







The bible says "in my house there are many mansions", the best explanation for this, put forth by spiritual experts that this world is interspersed by others, and physicists and other theoretical thinkers have concluded the same. That some people with training- can at times see into these other dimensions or mansions,  is I think  beyond dispute. I was never invited to attend what was arguably the greatest haunting case of modern times in Britain, the  "Enfield poltergeist" but I did attend another well known classic, the perplexing case of the   "invisible playmate ".When I was first alerted to the fact that in a quiet modern London suburb, a young boy had an invisible friend, my reply was that so do thousands of other children including one of my own sons, and that with the passage of time these things just evaporate into the child's memory, but imagine my dismay to be asked, does your child's invisible friend lift him of the ground in front of witnesses, one occasion was in a crowded doctors surgery  ?Under great pressure my assistant and I set off to meet with the parents to get some "back grounding", and as our car pulled up in Victoria avenue,  there  suddenly appeared all down the road people standing at their gate watching us in silence, when I enquired to my colleague something must be going on, he shook me rigid by replying, "its you mate they have all heard and have been awaiting to get a look at you "  I said, " we will go home we cannot work with an audience this size". However we went inside and I was pleased to shut out the curious onlookers and urgently wanted to hear the parent's story.  Although I listened to each one separately in the kitchen , what they said tall eyed well, in fact if it talleys too well , I am as a rule suspicious, but it was the boys father who convinced me both of his sincerity  and the fact that his nerves were in shreds.   Boys in these cases fall usually into certain psychological types, and he was typical being quiet, introverted, lacking in self esteem, a poor communicator, emotionally younger than his years,  poor at school sport, a little asthmatic, and often felt an outsider over  being bullied .So lonely children often develop these friends who as a rule are harmless, and I did not believe too much when he spoke of this invisible friend, I was only casually alerted by the fact this boy was older than these statistical occurrences, he was in the "latency period" and aged 10.It is standard procedure in these matters, to ask the parents to show the child's bare back, Hindu healers have long known that heat changes along the spine, or hair tufts can give pointers to the closest active chakra, for evaluation, and this boy when questioned did say he often felt a tightening on his scalp, which is actually quite common in similar cases. The shaving of this part of a monks head, called a "tonsure" is actually to discourage discarnate beings from gripping the scalp hair during attempted possessions, and is the reason for the scull cap of the Jews, and is still worn in active demonology demonstrations to the present day. When asking to see the boys room we all crowded in and on close examination of the wall posters to see what interested the boy, looking particularly for" trigger mechanisms" when he blurted out " he comes through that wall to see me,  and he has told me not to speak to you,  as you are here to send him away. On leaving the room and speaking candidly to the father, I said that on some level this boy had invited and welcomed this beast and although feeding off his aura, was giving him in return some companionship, and on occasion the boy would demonstrate special powers, that were the talk of the street. One of these powers was the exhibition of xenoglossy, which is characteristic of possession, and involves speaking in both a different language and vocal tone,  this and his ability to spew out a torrent of abuse and swearwords, with his levitation a few inches from the ground, for several seconds at a time all in slow motion were what had caused the school to say insensitively, if it continued, then he would be excluded. That the boy and the beast had a relationship of sorts and this in occult terms is called a "Symphile" the same scenario is often seen in the broader animal kingdoms, such as the hippopotamus that allows a small bird to hop in and out of its mouth, looking for grubs.
* The particular wall in this boy's room was also the focus of a smelly liquid like substance, that seeped out and ran down to the floor, I did not see this happen, but photographed the stained wallpaper.   I asked both parents to keep some of the substance for me in a small medicine bottle I always carried for analysis. As this was on an outside wall I hung out the window and drew the attention of the two witnesses that the gutter was blocked and the wall was very damp with rain overflow.*On questioning the boys father if he had actually seen this in operation himself,  I was fairly satisfied the phenomena was genuine. And he assured me categorically it was, he said the whole thing was tearing the family apart, and would pay any amount of money to see it stopped.   I have had to say this many times but although I belonging to several spiritual organizations, the spiritualist church makes no charge, but so many times you can be out of pocket, to take a day or two away from work, travel etc. so as he was a financially secure I said if he wanted to give a donation I would see that the church ,wrote officially and thanked him. This was one of those rare cases where an exorcism is both necessary and urgent. Most modern possession cases are now considered the province of the psychiatrist, and N.H.S. drugs. But I did try to get it over to the boys father, that no matter how many times we got rid of what I suspected to be one of the lesser symphilous demonic  entities, if his son was to invite it back again each time,  then not only a stalemate situation was in embryo,  but it would put his son at risk of harm for me  to antagonize it.   That night I telephoned a friendly Jewish scholar in these matters and asked if in the "Genizah" which is a room put aside in a synagogue for old damaged, rare or "special " books, had anything which would throw light on the situation, that in brief meant any exorcism of the beast could bring about the death of the child, because of the close linkage between the two. Next day we had what the old books call a "holding at bay ceremony" to give time for us to make our plans. There is a saying in the intelligence services that says, " no time ever spent in reconnaissance is ever wasted"  but time was pressing.We got a message from the boys father saying they were moving away immediately as a radio station had made a mocking broadcast accusing the family of being publicity and sensation seekers, and life was becoming intolerable, with sightseers etc. he family doctor had acted like a fool and had put the whole family on tranquillizers. And we heard no more from them, so what happened to this day I do not know. I do know many prayers were said for the anxious parents, the shy, introverted young boy and his demonic friend.     I wish them well

  T Stokes paranormalist & exorcist

  * footnote- the two witnesses to the staining of fluid on the wallpaper  have suggested that in retrospect they think the gutter overflow of rain could have run damp down the boys wall, and the wallpaper paste and emulsion paint, thickened and colored the water.I could not say more than I have *





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An excellent article in the psychic world April edition by Graham Hewitt, On one of the most interesting of modern cases, that was alas all too short. With Graham's permission I wish to expand on several of his items. I had the utmost respect for the integrity of investigator Maurice Grosse, who was scrupulously honest in what he saw at Enfield, and if anything down played it, I had seen him very shaken at what he had seen and heard, but particularly the energy from the girls that was "Bled" from them by the discarnate entity to produce the paranormal effects. Dr John Beloff, would not allow anything to be seen as evidence that was not seen and verified by himself, this made it difficult to have independent statements and photographs verified, and many were never seen,  it was Carl Jung who said; "any degree of learning narrows horizons" and John Beloff an intellectual academic, who incidentally died recently, used his position in the SPR to downgrade and poo-hoo the work of reputable psychics alongside the fakers. There is a trend just now for the SPR to be cynical in the main on these subjects, while they should be open minded and John was not. John particularly disliked the lowbrow "Psychic News," newspaper, which he said was "a pathetic rag" And while I agree they have constantly verified as genuine, a string of mediums who have later been proved charlatans, this is a bit harsh. John had great regard for the psychologist Hans Eysenck, and it was Hans who told me That while John would do his official cynical pooh hooing, in private he believed he had been here before, and as a strict Jew he had to believe in the Old Testament teachings on Astrology Necromancy etc. Around this time I was teaching Psychology, and my class was working on  personality testing,  and I think I may have used the  Briggs Myers personality test for each student, now psychology is not an exact science, exactly as Hans Eysenck says, But students and lay people always think it is, so I took details from each of the class and next day asked them to read their psychology assessments and comment on it. While every single student agreed it was absolutely accurate, I told them afterwards that all assessments were the same, all said they were likeable but stubborn, could get angry when riled, liked to laugh, loved animals took  work seriously and worried about their family and future countries prospects etc. After they had agreed, I turned over the sheets and it was from Adolph Hitler's analysis, from W W II. and this is how general some psychological assessments are.! After every item on T V about paranormal and spirit phenomena we are treated to a quack psychologist coming on and making fun and often uttering ignorant statements. Psychology has many differing opinions right across the board, why do the T V companies treat us as children and always put on a disturbed cynic to throw dirt, The law on discrimination was recently broadened to include religious beliefs, And Spiritualism is a world recognized religion, in fact many theologians say:" belief in spirits is the core base to all religions " so to discriminate and laugh at another's beliefs is actually a criminal offence, the Human rights act actually covers this by name, and these  T V companies and quack psychologists are actually now breaking the law. One final point, the official excuse for the prosecution of Helen Duncan was that she could reveal data about the D day landings, is total codswallop, a medium works through dead communicators, and this accusation at best is very, very tenuous, the argument is that she was prosecuted because she was a fake, yet the authorities claim she could also give accurate information on D Day ? So how would they determine when she was faking and when not, and what about all the thousands other mediums who could also give out the D Day info ?One of Churchill's occult advisors Dr. Alexander Cannon, who was imprisoned on the Isle of man for speaking of Churchill's wartime paranormal team in his papers, claimed that both Harry Price and home secretary Herbert Morrison were behind the prosecution, and this could be true as Morrison had a lot to hide. Strikes me that the whole Helen Duncan saga was just another of the governments " Dodgy dossiers"  and we have had a bellyful of them lately. -
T Stokes




Some times things of a supernatural nature fit into patterns, and some are just so strange that there are no categories where they can belong. Such an event happened some few years ago, and the memories incurred in those events,  still grip me in horror. One of the exorcism rules of The British Demonologists Foundation, was that you go to the trouble, it never comes to you, But it did I had not seen my brother for some time, and he had the double celebration of his fortieth birthday, and the new birth of his daughter. So I duly arrived at his home, for the family gathering, and was introduced to his other guests, There was the usual comic repartee, and I was given a glass of sherry which is always the custom at these, happy and relaxed times. The chatting was superficial and polite when one of the guests asked who the baby took after, my brother or his wife.? It was then when I relaxed and smiling, stepped over to look into the babies crib, And remember new born babies cannot lift their heads or focus their eyes, But this baby turned to face me and looked me straight in the eye, with a demonic lear, that seemed to penetrate my very soul itself. The eyes burnt into me and the babies lips twisted into a mocking smile, in fact, the whole face became a threatening mask As I stepped back in shock and terror, the thought sunk in that of all places my brother’s home was the venue, and his new baby the vehicle for some spirit activity of the grossest evil. I felt the blood in my veins go cold, as suddenly regaining my composure I searched the faces of the guests to see if any had seen my look of shock, and as I felt the color return to my face, I was much relieved to know that my reaction had gone unnoticed. While I gazed into my sherry glass I examined my thoughts, and the slow realization began that I knew those eyes, they were familiar to me, an old adversary, from somewhere a long way back, I broke out in a thick hot sweat as suddenly the doors were open on a life long past when I had to fight this creature, and my stomach turned over. There is an old saying in Britain’s occult circles, that “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”  and whatever soul inhabited that child’s body at this time certainly unnerved me. I had an imaginary picture in my mind of a battle yet un-fought, a debt perhaps from eons ago, and the inner knowing that the creature and I both knew each other and had unfinished business. I seemed to know on some level, that in showing itself to me in mutual recognition, it was saying, and I heard a deep inner voice, “this child if I want it, is mine, for I am Eblis  from the bottomless pit, and you all belong to me ” This could only be a prelude, to some real and coming deep unpleasantness.  After some anxious deliberation I decided the best course of action, was no action at all. I would monitor the situation and only make a move if I had to. Strangely as the child grew up she was as a normal little girl, with normal eyes and actions, wherever the beast had gone it did not return, I never saw it in her face again. And over the years I have watched for it, she is now full grown, and now has her own children, and sounds a happy mother. I never spoke of what I saw to a living soul, maybe one or two un-living, yes. That was one battle I was pleased, not to have to fight, the taste of fear and trepidation lived with me a long time, I would have faced this beast with difficulty, for I desperately felt outgunned.

T. Stokes. Paranormalist  





This is a strange story and in retrospect I am not proud of my part in it.

  It  began when in 1980 I took employment at a building site as a laborer, fetching tools, sweeping up, ensuring the site was clean, safe and of course making tea. Well, a kind friend told the lads there that I was a spiritualist and belonged to several “rescue circles” on 24 hour call for exorcisms, now called deliverance.

  From that moment on I became the target of relentless mickey taking, I myself am a practical joker so could not really complain,  but each morning my padlock was glued up on my tool box, and I was informed it was ghosts, it was also ghosts that hid my things, dropped things on me from the scaffolding, welded my steel  toecap boots to the floor, and  generally cheesed me off. But things came to a head when I began to get late night phone calls, telling me to come out urgently as the local pub was full of spirits,  things such as this were intruding into the life of my family, and no amount of reasonable asking would get my foreman to stop.

  Eventually a message came through that was a genuine call for help, most are sincere but rarely to do with spirit. The house concerned was one of three work men’s cottages virtually unspoilt since the 1700’s, in a most beautiful part of kent, in rural England..A woman in her forties was nursing a bad tempered and foul mouthed old man in what was obviously the last months of his life.

  This lovely but a little shabby old cottage had been the focus of some minor paranormal activity, that was no more than a nuisance,  however, a deep feeling of menace, brooding and unease permeated the building, which I was unsure if the old man was connected to, but I was  certain his emotions were at least a contributing factor, to the thick dark negative energy currents there.

   With old houses like this especially when not ruined by the “modernisers”, a lot of the old memory patterns are retained, emotional themes, household arguments and even the vocal range of previous occupants, this can be captured and mentally regurgitated by spirit mediums. After some examination, I asked for a shovel, and began digging under the front step, then in front of my bewildered audience pulled out the remains of a very old leather shoe.

  This told me two things, that for this amulet to be in place from when the house was almost new, meant the feeling of claustrophobic negativity, was an old one, and the type of spirit deterred by the shoe. A detailed search of the fireplace for amulets and scratching’s, and an examination of the ceiling beams was unproductive, I then sat down with the lady of the house and gave my prognosis. My belief was that a sprite or Imp, was responsible for the minor phenomena, my only real concern was that the base was there for things to get a lot worse, the lady of the house advised me that she wanted it taken away.  I had then to tell her of her elderly husbands caustic attitude towards all who wanted to help him and, the awful fact that lower spirit entities may be feeding from this.

  It is well known in occultism that any toxic emotional state, can attract unpleasant freeloaders into the human system from the astral plane. Hamartiology, is the Theological study of sin, although “sins” have changed since the middle ages, often what was once a sin,  is  not now regarded as such,   can you imagine some of our lawyers, pop stars and politicians if things had not changed ? The realms of evil thoughts and evil deeds, are the resting places of some of the most unsavoury categories in incorporeal life,  and an insulting and unpleasant old man such as this would give succour and harbor to this exuviae, living in his aura.

  For just as if you go to earthly places that are unclean you can pick up bacterial bugs and parasitical stuff,  so also if your thoughts visit unclean places you can  pick up bugs in your aura.  Many fairy stories have a basis in fact, the story of the “Genie in the bottle” is more fact than fiction, with this in mind,   I emptied a pop bottle and allowed my thoughts to associate the unpleasantness of my foreman in work with the similar remarks, and sarcasm of this sick old man, who was starting to really irritate me, and unforgivably- I conjured the mischievous sprite into the bottle and banged the top on and turned it tight.

  Making my goodbyes I left the beauty of the village behind and returned to 20th century London. Early next morning as the milkman left his store of bottles on the doorstep of my foreman’s house, I tiptoed over and added my pop bottle with the “surprise” inside, and watched as the bottles were taken inside, I knew that curious hands would open and look inside, releasing the imp, into is new home.

   My intention had been to educate this man that not all life was in a body, and that when he apologised I would recapture the infernal animal and release him in the correct place, however, several of us labourers were suddenly laid off, and I did not see the bullying fore man again.

   It was some years later that I heard the story of how he had picked up the bottle, and after looking at what looked like smoke inside, opened the top on an angry little beast.

   Then began what was described to me as a period of madness, things going missing to be found some distance away, toilets jammed up with missing clothes, the two household cats running away, lights going on and off on their own, and mysterious scrawlings on the walls, and the bullying foreman thinking he was going mad, until bringing in help from a specialist medium, which did the trick.

  I had learnt a valuable lesson in having the strength not to retaliate, and I curiously wondered what lessons the Foreman had also learnt !.

  “All things are possible to him who believes” Mark 9;23 

T. Stokes. Paranormalist    







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