Think You need a Paranormal Investigator?

When is it time to contact a paranormal investigator? Do you think it is possible you are experiencing a ghost, haunting or poltergeist? Maybe you just want a verification of your ghost situation and you are satisfied that you and the entity can co-exist or maybe you want help in identifying and eliminating a bothersome spirit or spirits in your home.

Paranormal investigators do not get rid of spirits. What they do is try to capture evidence of paranormal activity. They may be able to refer you to someone who can perform a cleansing on your house such as a psychic.

The first thing you need to do is eliminate the possibility that any of the weird stuff you are experiencing is not just mice or the effects of something that needs repair. Check for loose windows or door hinges. Check electrical wires and light bulbs. Eliminate the possibility of the need for plumbing repairs. Check for drafts. Conduct a thorough check of your home before you decide to involve a paranormal investigator.

What you can do in the meantime is do some research on the history of the house and surrounding property. Did any traumatic events ever happen in the past that might account for your experiences in the present? Did anyone whoever lived there think the place was haunted? Sometimes neighbors can have relevant information to share.

Record your experiences including the time and place of the events. Try to find a pattern for the phenomena. If there are other witnesses to the paranormal activity, record what is happening with them or get them to record their own experiences. This will all be helpful in case you do decide to contact a paranormal investigator.

If a paranormal investigator team decides that your situation deserves further investigation, they may or may not be able to record any evidence at all when they do bring their equipment. They try to find evidence using paranormal investigators equipment such as electromagnetic field detectors, cameras, tape recorders and the use of control items. After preliminary interviews, they will conduct a stakeout or stakeouts with their equipment hoping to get evidence. You will receive a final report at the end of the investigation.

If evidence is found of paranormal activity in your home, it is up to you to decide what to do next. Do you live with the ghost, move or try to get rid of the ghost? Every case is unique in the type of paranormal activity that occurs and what the involved person or persons do about it.



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