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Mike L. Investigator

Mike brings many years of experience as a seasoned investigator in the field of paranormal research as well as his personal investigative equipment. Mike prides himself on his ability to de-bunk, understanding the nature of the burden of proof.


Cemeteries: Northern



 Cemetery - Northern Illinois - On a normal basis, this cemetery is alleged to be haunted by a ghost that walks among the grave at about 3:01 A.M. AS the story goes this ghost is a woman late 60's to 70s ; a despicable, old and vile  wretch  a.k.a. "the Hag of the Highlands" whom, took pleasure in creating misfortune for those who live in the township by the lake closest to this cemetery. The apparition has been reported to appear during the middle of the third week of each month - additional information: The road is between a gas station on a near by highway and a gas station. Keep going past the traffic lights, a ways. This road is mostly paved. It's on the left hand side on a dirt road - itís very narrow (so, you can't turn around in it till your in the cemetery) as well as the very strange reports of several apparitions, ghosts who have been seen acting rather odd as if relieving themselves at the old woman's grave site. There seem to be a lot of alleged sightings of white flashes, like a sheet running and then it's gone.

Investigator - Samantha


Tools of research

The TriField Natural

EM Meter  a favorite of paranormal researchers. Using both a needle type meter and audible tone to detect EMF output. Paranormal & Para psychological researchers find the Ghost Detector
simplifies detection of entities or phenomena which disrupt existing
fields, since the meter is engineered to ignore man-made power lines and appliances, etc., eliminating a plethora of false "positives". This
feature is extremely uncommon in instruments priced under $2,000!

  SSPR continues to seek out the legitimacy of alleged phenomena claims by exposing the paranormal frauds, fakes, false claims  with the cold hard truth.




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The Staff  of the Paranormal Stew -

Kevin Kozio

Greetings paranormal pilgrims from sunny Arizona.


 BIO: Kevin graduated with honors from the

University of Buenos Aires with a degree in Environmental Science parapsychology studies  and a deep passion for photography.



 Truly Pathetic-


Somewhere,  and still as Pathetic as usual here. So what, the paranormal community is full of ghost hunters, psychics, paranormal investigators






Secret Society of Paranormal Research

Kevin Kozio - Site Administrator

As an experienced parapsychologist, my investigations have taken my colleges and I through many countries in search of all types of paranormal phenomena.  I'll be sharing the experience and personally answering your e-mail. If it's worth while I may even post it. As administrator I have been overseeing improvements to this site as well as ongoing updates.  7/2/08


P.S. No!! you can't have your pictures back. Don't ask & quit your whining!!



Evil Consultant - Pathetic Rob

S.S.P.R. - Paranormal Investigations

 Our crew has been putting in the hours,  investigating   alleged phenomena and by doing so, we have met some very paranormal people. I have finally reached the conclusion that there is only so much of the sideshow, I can take and only so much caffeine the body will accept - crawling the   back roads on our investigations in the sunshine state. Visiting many locations, a few places lesser known for  paranormal activities and still we do not claim to be experts in the paranormal, as no experts exist when it comes to the supernatural. We even have a psychic whom wishes to tag along and promises not to get in the way - you know they love to get any paranormal exposure. Also the Stew  would love to thank all those fine road side, greasy spoons (restaurants) and convenient stores for fresh batteries but mostly for the endless coffee-  THANKS



 Wishing you were here! 

  The paranormal home to  all the many supernaturally curious,  skeptics, believers, researchers, a few paranormal misfits, as well as those who are just plain dissatisfied with the spew from other sites. The Stew is also a welcome refuge for all  those whom wish to discuss or question  any paranormal topic,  whether it be ghosts, haunted sites,   so called certified paranormal experts, unexplained phenomena, paranormal talk shows & hosts, websites, and yes even certain fake psychic's. We are not disbelievers, we simply seek out the truth and point to those things we might find to be deceptive. Come share your opinions,  join our chat room and meet all the friends of the Paranormal Stew Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm EST / 7pm CST.


Chris P. Bacon  

Athens, Ohio -TB Ward  investigation- 








Chris - Investigations Case Mgr.



Athens, Ohio    We are in the abandoned TB ward now and its not very light outside anymore, I would say its about 6:30p now and just like some scary movie or book,  where you are left wondering when the next bad part is going to happen.  Shadow figures appear to dart around us just as we stop to check the recordings of the strange voices captured coming from the room right next to us.  The entire floor reeks of paranormal activity, I continue down this darken hall as the flashlight  starts to dim. Feelings of fight or flight consumes me now as I enter a room with writings on the wall that leads to another room with furniture  placed oddly about. Strange symbols scribbled about with holes in the wall as we came across broken balcony's and wooden doors, floors that have caved in and stains what appear to be  blood. - Chris



Paranormal Weather

There is a consensus among paranormal investigators that under some weather conditions more paranormal activity occurs. Conditions that seem to help these paranormal events are ones that influence the earth's magnetic field including solar flares, geomagnetic storms and full moons. 





 The Stew Vs. The Supernatural

Here is a look into some of our paranormal investigations in northwest Florida- Its just a click away.


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As a result, a large number of people can contribute to or benefit from the discussions. Feel free to use this forum to ask questions, express your opinion, and spread relevant information.


The day Science begins to study nonphysical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence.

NIKOLA TESLA   Inventor of the Polyphase Alternate Current (AC), AC Induction Electrical Motor, Tesla Coil, Wireless Transfer of Energy and Telegraphy, Radio Transmission Principles)

So Your House is Haunted, Now what?

Haunted houses do exist. So ruled the Supreme Court of the State of New York in a landmark decision, known as the Nyack Case, in the 1990s. It clearly set out the parameters of what a stigma problem can do to a property.







Visiting a cemetery at night?
 You may want to talk to the caretaker first for permission, or permission of the cemetery itself (there are usually
contact details at the cemetery - but not always) for night access. It can be illegal to go into some cemeteries at night,   as all of us know -this is trespassing so do be careful to gain the proper permissions or you might find yourself talking to the local police about what you are doing and let me tell ya, from experience this is never fun.

One must be careful about drawing conclusions.

Ordinary physical explanations can account for such sightings; for example, air pressure changes in a home causing doors to slam, or lights from a passing car reflected through a window at night. Reports of ghosts "seen out of the corner of the eye" may be accounted for by the sensitivity of human peripheral vision, which can easily mislead, especially late at night, when the brain is tired and more likely to misinterpret sights and sounds.

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